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Ultrasonic Testing

The Situation

The high precision and longevity of technical components such as vessels, piping systems, turbine shafts, and vehicles in the automotive and aviation industry, is achieved in part by routinely performed preventative in-service inspections (ISI), preferably using nondestructive testing (NDT). 

Powerful and intelligent ultrasonic testing systems are indispensable for ISI inspections.  These systems should be usable for stationary, in situ applications and must be suited to the individual inspection task to ensure high inspection standards.  In addition, they must be easy and quick to setup and use.

Our Solution

We provide standard and custom-designed ultrasonic equipment and components for a large variety of testing applications.  Our products are developed using state-of-the-art technologies, modern electronic components, and latest manufacturing techniques to satisfy today's high industry demands.  Our PCUS 11 pulser/receiver boards have been successfully integrated into various ultrasonic testing systems and are used by a number of well-known  companies such as Boeing, General Electric, NASA, Sonix, UTEX, etc. 

Some examples of our conventional ultrasonic products are listed below. 

More Info PCUS 11 Pulser/Receiver Board (PCI Bus)
More Info PCUS®pro Single Ultrasonic Frontend (USB)
More Info PCUS®pro Multi Ultrasonic Frontend
More Info PCUS®pro Array Ultrasonic Frontend
More Info PCUS 40, Ultrasonic system (multi-channel desktop)
More Info Portable Ultrasonic systems (laptop, battery-powered)
More Info LA-Wave, Laser-Acoustic Waves for Nondestructive Testing of Ultra-Thin Films


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