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Eddy Current Testing

The Situation

In aviation, automotive, and nearly all other engineering industries, "metal" used to be synonymous with "structural material".  Not anymore. Certainly the majority of all structural materials utilized today are still comprised of metals, but glass-, carbon-, and metal-fiber composite materials have gained an ever-growing and important place in industry.

Regardless of what structural material is being utilized, its quality has to be consistent and well-documented.  As the demand for quality materials and components constantly increases, so does the necessity for quality documentation (i.e., certified documentation).  In this regard, documentation of material quality turns into a market-regulating competition factor.  Therefore, proficient, inexpensive, and consistent systems for manual and/or automated testing and documentation of the quality of a product are required to be competitive in industry.

Our Solution

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Nondestructive Testing (IZFP) has developed a multi-frequency eddy current system to examine surface and sub- surface areas of materials with suitable electrical conductive and magnetic properties.  This new instrument allows for inspection of a large variety of materials and provides documentation of the inspection all in one unit.  Metals, fiberglass, carbon-fiber and metal-fiber composite materials can be evaluated for fiber separation, fiber content, cracking, etc., and the inspection data and results are easily monitored and readily available.  Our instruments benefit from state-of-the-art modular technologies for easy customization and operation. Simple, inexpensive models for relatively easy inspections or complex, hi-tech models for more demanding inspection tasks can be provided.  In combination with the our software modules for data analysis and documentation, the ECT instruments provide numerous analysis and data presentation capabilities.

More Info inspECT, complete multi-frequency eddy current board for multi-channel operation with a multiple sensor and frequency channels

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