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PCUS 11 Portable UT System
FieldWorks 7666P


System Features

The PCUS 11 system was designed for PC-aided manual and/or automated ultrasonic testing with one to four ultrasonic channels in a PCI PC configuration.  In combination with suitable software running on a DOS®, Windows 3.1*® Windows'95®, or Windows 2000® platform, a complete digital ultrasonic testing instrument is available for a wide range of applications.  Battery powered portable PCs provide independence from power sources, which allows for use in most types of in-situ field inspections.  The PCUS 11S records all ultrasonic data in their native RF format, permitting the use of a variety of data acquisition software, e.g. PCUSWare™, QUT, CPS-N™, Winspect™, etc.  In addition, data analysis software, such as SAFT (Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique), can be applied for the disposition of detected indications.

System Characteristics

  • Suitable for applications using automated and/or semi-automated (hand scanner) scanning equipment

  • Pulse/Echo and Transmit/Receive modes, at 0.5 to 20 MHz
  • Amplifier range from -20dB to 80dB in 0.1 dB increments
  • Auto Power-down module for efficient battery operation
  • System control, parameter settings, data acquisition, and data analysis are performed using a variety of suitable software packages
  • On-line display of A-scan presentation during data acquisition
  • An integrated data bank provides effortless access to stored system control, setup, and inspection data

System Configurations

A variety of system configurations for one to four channel manual and/or automated inspections are available.  To meet your specific configuration requirements, several different PC enclosures are available, such as Laptop, Lunchbox, or Desktop designs as well as processor options ranging from a 486DX4-66 to a Pentium processor.  In addition, a multitude of display, hard drive and miscellaneous options (e.g., integrated CD-ROM, PCMCIA card reader, etc.) are available for complete customization of your system.

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