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PCUS®pro Array



System Features

The PCUS®pro Array ultrasonic frontend is designed to meet requirements of  high data acquisition rates and high inspection speeds. In combination with custom software modules, the user can inspect parts and components effectively at high quality levels.

System Characteristics 


  • USB 2.0 High-Speed with a maximum data transfer rate of 40MB/sec

  • Cabled PCI Express x1 interface; maximum of 200MB/sec data transfer rate 

  • Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm x 65mm (L, W, H)

  • Near-transducer setup

  • Designed for up to 64-element Phased Array transducers

  • Phased Array and/or Sampling Phased Array techniques

  • Can also be used for multi-channel UT applications


  • 64 transmitters

  • Transmitter pulse voltage: -50 to -170V, adjustable in 1V increments 

  • Negative rectangle pulse

  • Output impedance: 50Ω

  • Pulse delay: 0s - 40s, adjustable in 0.25ns increments (16 transmitters aperture)

  • Pulse delay: 0s - 40s, adjustable in 2.5ns increments (64 transmitters aperture)

  • Pulse width: 10ns - 500ns, adjustable in 2.5ns increments

  • Pulse repetition frequency: up to 2kHz, depending on recording length, pulse width, sampling rate and transmitter voltage


  • Maximum of 16 independent receivers

  • 4:1 multiplexed input for each channel

  • Pulse/Echo mode for Array transducers

  • Frequency range: 500kHz to 30MHz (-3dB)

  • Receiver filter: two analog band filters per channel (user defined)

  • Attenuation/amplification: > 100dB, adjustable in 0.1dB increments

  • TGC with 80dB dynamic range, adjustable in 0.1dB increments; 256 points,
    slope ≤ 40dB/s, 16 independent TGC curves

  • Receiver delay: 0s to 655s, adjustable in 2.5ns increments

  • Input sensitivity: 100μVss

   Signal Path

  • Transducer delay: 0μs to 655μs, 10ns increments

  • Maximum recording length: 65,535 samples per channel

  • A/D Converter: 14bit (13bit + sign), up to 100MS/sec

  • One start gate and four measurement gates

  • RF-Data or compressed TD-Data recording

  • Rectification:  positive-, negative- or full-wave

  • Trigger delay per channel: 0s to 655s, adjustable in 10ns increments

   Interface and Connectors

  • Array transducer connector: Hypertronics NEBV19/16PFD/THA

  • USB 2.0 High-Speed: Bulgin Connector PX0443

  • Molex 74150-001 PCI-Express connector

  • Power consumption: max. 12VDC, max. 48W (30W typical)
    Bulgin Connector PX0419

  • Trigger IN: TTL high or low active; pulse width > 100ns, opto-coupled (Lemo 00)

  • Trigger OUT: LVTTK high active, pulse width > 2.5s (Lemo 00)


  • Digitally signed drivers for Windows® XP (SP2 or higher), Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 (32bit and 64bit)

  • Managed Windows® API (based on .NET 4.0 framework)

The PCUS®pro Array system meets all relevant requirements of DIN EN 12668, Part 1.

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