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LA-Wave System

The LAwave instrument introduces a sound wave into the sample's surface to measure the materials phase velocity dispersion curve.  The built-in matching algorithm determines Young's Modulus, the thickness and/or the density of the film (coating).

Film Materials

  • Diamond-type Carbon
  • CVD Diamond
  • Ceramics, metals, polymers, etc.
Substrate Materials
  • Semiconductors: Silicon, GaAs, etc.
  • Metals: Steel, Aluminum, etc.
  • Dielectrics: Glass, etc.
  • Nondestructive measurements
  • Sensitive to films thinner than 5nm
  • Multi-layer detection
  • Fast measurement cycles (approximately  5 minutes)
  • Process development
  • Quality control

Dr. Thomas Schuelke

Fraunhofer USA
Center for Coatings and Laser Applications
Michigan State University
B100 Engineering Complex
East Lansing, MI 48826-1226

Phone: (517) 432-8173
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Mobile: (563) 650-8280
email: tschuelke@fraunhofer.org
Fraunhofer USA

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