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Material Analysis

The Situation

Global competition in the areas of mechanical engineering, plant design, and construction compel engineering and construction companies to modernize production processes.  To improve the economics of design and manufacturing, it is essential to reduce the costs for Quality Control, decrease production times, and reduce the amount of items kept in stock.  Product development, manufacturing, and distribution time (time-to-market) are the most significant factors to consider if one wants to stay ahead of the competition.


Processing time during production can be reduced if efficient quality control methods are available to detect and measure weaknesses of the production process.  For this reason, the development of sophisticated, process-oriented nondestructive techniques is very important, especially for process-integrated applications.  Once the entire process is fully comprehended, existing models can be used for processing adjustments at any time to help minimize production flaws and reduce stoppage time.  The production process can be mastered at optimized productivity and thus quality is produced. 

Targeted nondestructive testing is favored for the following reasons:

  • Delivery and receiving control

  • Tool surveillance and tool-dependent process control

  • Increase of part throughput, especially for critical processes through early flaw detection and avoidance of the production of a large number of flawed parts

  • Flaw detection during welding and heat-treatment

  • Analysis of surface and subsurface properties

  • Real-time information on quality properties

  • Reduction of post-process re-machining of parts through process-integrated control systems

  • Time-savings during setup and/or machinery adjustments

  • Replacement of  time-consuming and/or conventional destructive test methods

Our Systems

The Fraunhofer-Institute Nondestructive Testing (IZFP) has developed a number of custom-tailored nondestructive solutions for some of their industry partners.  These projects have included the design, manufacturing, integration, and commissioning of complete turnkey systems fully integrated into the production process. 

3MA-II 3MA-II, case hardness and stress testing instrument based on Multi-Parameter Micro-Magnetic Microstructure Analysis techniques.
MACH-Mobile MikroMach, portable case hardness and stress testing instrument based on Multi-Parameter Micro-Magnetic Microstructure Analysis techniques.


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