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Case Depth Testing

The Situation

Case hardening improves both the wear resistance and the fatigue strength of parts under dynamic and/or thermal stresses.  The characteristics of case hardening are primarily determined by surface hardness, the effective hardness depth, and the depth profile of the residual stress.

Case hardness depth, or the thickness of the hardened layer, is an essential quality attribute of the case hardening process.  Currently, the quality of the hardening process can only be evaluated by random sampling using destructive testing methods, which are expensive and time consuming.

Our Solution

The time-consuming and often very costly cutting of samples is a chore of the past. IZFP has developed a fast and relatively inexpensive nondestructive ultrasonic method to determine case hardness depth. Both the testing effort (including the time factor) and the cost of testing have been reduced. In addition, this ultrasonic system allows for instant manufacturing control, which continuously assures high levels of quality.

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The Timken Company Brad Foote Gear Works Bearing & Drive Systems, Inc.

   Horsburgh & Scott 

More Info P3119/P3120, four-channel desktop (industrial case) system for manual and/or semi-automated case depth testing with multiple search units (parallel).   
More Info P3123, four-channel laptop (portable) system for manual and/or semi-automated case depth testing with multiple search units (parallel).   



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