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PCUS 40 Multi-Channel Ultrasonic System

PCUS 40 Multi-Channel UT System

System Features

The multi-channel ultrasonic testing system PCUS 40 is based on standard PC bus systems (ISA or PCI) and can  be configured for essentially any client-specific application.  The system is designed to operate with standard  and specific signal-processing methods and provides numerous upgrading capabilities realized through additional  expansion boards and/or add-on components.   Integration into other PC-based systems, such as the Multi-Frequency Eddy Current system (MFEC), is easily accomplished.  The basic version of the PCUS 40 system is geared toward ultrasonic piping inspections.  In conjunction with  IZFPs digital Phased-Array front end, the PCUS 40 system is also highly suited for the ultrasonic testing of heavy components such as reactor pressure vessels.

System Characteristics

  • Suitable for applications using automated and/or semi-automated scanning equipment

  • System control, parameter settings, data acquisition and data analysis is performed using the CPS-N software package  (Windows NT)

  • On-line display of A-scan and C-scan presentation during data acquisition

  • Integrated database provides effortless access to existing system control, setup, and inspection data

  • Modular system design allows the selection of casing ranging from a lightweight portable PC to a robust rack-mount  enclosure configuration

  • System allows for a number of add-on options, for example, IZFP’s EMAT front end

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