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NDT Software

QUT-1, Single-Channel Software


Simple single-channel data acquisition software for the use with our PCUS 11 hardware.  QUT2000 is conceived for manual operation in the field as well in a laboratory and offers multiple windows, pull-down menus, toolbar commands, and many other features.

PCUSware3 PCUSware32

Advanced single-channel data acquisition and analysis software to be used with PCUS 10 and PCUS 11 Pulser/Receiver boards, running under WindowsNT©, Windows2000©  and WindowsXP©.  The "Virtual Channel" program feature allows to acquire data (in series) using different settings of up to four   PCUS 10 or PCUS 11 boards in any combination.  

SG Sorter SG Sorter

The SG Sorter, using the PCUS 10 pulser/receiver and digitizer board, is capable of accurately measuring the ultrasonic velocity of the material, provided the thickness of the part at the test location is known used to characterize the quality of SG (spheroidal graphite) iron. .

Winspect Winspect™

Winspect™ introduces the proven framework of Microsoft Windows© to nondestructive testing, enabling you to perform ultrasonic tests and manage data with unparalleled ease. Winspect offers many time-saving features including toolbar commands, pull-down menus, user-defined colors, multiple displays and context-sensitive Help.


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