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PCUS 11 Pulser/Receiver Board   

The Situation

The high precision and longevity of technical components such as vessels, piping systems, turbine shafts, and vehicles in the automotive and aviation industry, is achieved in part by routinely performed preventative in-service inspections (ISI), preferably using nondestructive testing (NDT).

Powerful and intelligent ultrasonic testing systems are indispensable for ISI inspections. These systems should be usable for stationary and in situ applications, must be suited to the individual inspection task to ensure high inspection standards, and they must be easy and quick to setup and use.

Our Solution

With the development of the PCUS 11 PC integrated ultrasonic board (PCB), the Fraunhofer-Institute Nondestructive Testing (IZFP) has continued their efforts to provide special ultrasonic PCBs.
The single-channel PCUS 11 is designed to meet the increasing requirements with respect to high data acquisition rates and high inspection speeds. In combination with custom software modules, the user can inspect components effectively with high quality and confidence levels.
Unconstrained management of vast amounts of inspection data for demanding tasks in combination with modern software products, such as CAD programs, reporting programs, data base programs, data transfer programs, etc. are effortlessly managed using today’s computing environments.


  • All components required for ultrasonic testing are contained on a single PCB, including transmitter, receiver, A/D converter, signal processor, A-scan memory, etc.

  • Efficient, powerful BUS-interface (PCI/Master DMA) allowing high data acquisition and high data transfer rates.

  • Selectable display of RF or rectified A-scans through DSP signal processing; other processing algorithms available upon request.

  • Various signal trigger options.

  • Comfortable data analysis and data management through PC-integration.

  • Applications

    • Testing of automotive components

    • Inspection of aviation and aerospace components

    • Ultrasonic testing of piping and vessels in the chemical, petrochemical, power production, and off-shore industry

    • Integrated production line ultrasonic testing of forging such as turbine and transmission shafts, railroad tracks and wheels, etc.

    • Characterization of solids and fluids

    Technical Data

    • One transmitter and one receiver channel

    • Square pulse, pulse width adjustable from 63ns to 480ns; -300V or -500V; rise time <9.5ns

    • Standard frequency: 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz, custom frequency-filter configurations are available

    • Filters: four narrow-band filters, 1.25, 2.0, 5.0, and 12.5 MHz (standard); custom filters available upon request

    • Dynamic range: 110 dB adjustable in 0.1 dB increments

    • Built-in 256 point DAC (40 dB range) adjustable in 0.1 dB increments

    • A/D conversion: 80 MS/s, 10 bits; 40, 20, 10 MS/s A/D rate selectable; 160 MS/s at 50% PRR

    • A-scan memory: 64k samples

    • Sweep range (long. in mild steel) at 80 MS/S: 2.45m

    • Sweep delay (long. in mild steel) at 80 MS/S: 39m

    • Averaging: 2, 4, 8……128 samples (A-scans)

    • A-scan display: RF, full-wave, pos./neg. half-wave

    • Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR or PRF): 4Hz to 4 kHz, selectable or unrestricted

    • Trigger: internal and external

    • PCI Bus, PIO- or DMA- data transfer selectable

    • Power input: maximum 25 W, 5W in power-save mode

    • Connectors: Lemo™ 00 for P/E, transmitter and receiver, external trigger-in/out

    • Board dimensions: 105mm x 312mm (full size)

    Available Software

    Automated Inspections

    The CPS software is a reliable software module that has been proven to provide setup, data acquisition and analysis (A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, and composite C-B-D presentations), and documentation of results for ultrasonic examinations.  Up to four PCUS 11 boards (four channels) and a scanner can be controlled using the CPS software.

    SAFT Analysis Software

    If required, flaws can be characterized using Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT), to more accurately display size, location, and accumulation of detected flaws.

    Manual Inspections

    Standard manual ultrasonic inspections can be performed using the PCUSWare32© software.   This software package also permits recognition, diagnostic, and control of a maximum of four PCUS 11 boards.

    Desktop layout, display size, and resolution are customizable.  The PCUSWare32© software allows the display and hardcopy printout of all recorded A-scan images.  Recorded data along with pertinent setup and examination parameters can be stored and retrieved at any time.  A databank permits the management of search units and their associated individual data.  Software support for system calibration.

PCUS 11 Technical Data

PCUS 11 G/H Series

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