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The SG Sorter System is designed to characterize the quality of SG (spheroidal graphite) iron.  The principle is based on the propagation of ultrasound in the material.  If the microstructure of SG iron is not of the desired quality, the nodularity count is insufficient and the percentage of graphite flakes increases.  This quality deficiency is associated with a decreased elastic modulus and thus a reduction of the average ultrasonic velocity of the material.

The SG Sorter System, using the PCUS 10 pulser/receiver and digitizer board, is capable of accurately measuring the ultrasonic velocity of the material, provided the thickness of the part at the test location is known.  A red or green indicator signals the completion of each measurement.  If the system determines ultrasonic velocities above the threshold value, the green light indicates acceptable material conditions; the red light indicates ultrasonic velocities below the preset threshold value indicating rejectable material conditions.

The system uses standard off-the-shelf transducers, suitable for the thickness of the material to be tested – custom search units are not required.

The PCUS 10 P/R and Digitizer board (ISA) can be installed in any PC, desktop or laptop, with a Pentium processor (75 MHz or better, 16 MB RAM minimum) running under Windows 95.

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