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QUT2000 Ultrasonic Software

QUT-1 Software

A fully operational digital ultrasonic testing instrument is provided when using the QUT2000 software, the PCUS 11 hardware and a standard personal computer, accounting for many advantages by using this computer-aided concept in ultrasonic testing. 

The storage capacity and data management capabilities of a personal computer is combined with the intelligence of the QUT2000 software.  Both components build their potential on the dedicated analog and digital circuits of the PCUS 11 card.  QUT2000 is conceived for manual operation in the field as well in a laboratory, running under Windows2000 and WindowsXP

All controls are accessed either from the keyboard or using the mouse. The mouse operation even allows for alphanumeric input through a pop-up keypad displayed on the screen.  This feature is important, when, for example, a file name is to be entered and the PC can only be operated using a touch screen.  The software package includes set-up, calibration, testing and documentation facilities, special routines for thickness measurement, search unit data base, inspection personnel data base and project data base.

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