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A-scan Presentation

Advanced single-channel data acquisition and analysis software to be used with PCUS 10 and PCUS 11 Pulser/Receiver boards, running under WindowsNT© (V.4, SP6a), Windows2000© (SP4) or WindowsXP© (SP3).  The "Virtual Channel" program feature allows data acquisition (in series) using different settings of up to four PCUS 10 or PCUS 11 boards in any combination.  The program offers many time-saving features such as toolbar commands, pull-down menus, user-defined desktop settings, automatic distance-amplitude-correction (DAC) and time-gain-correction (TGC), etc.  The storage capacity and data management capabilities of a personal computer are combined with the intelligence of the PCUSware32™ software. 

All controls are accessed either from the keyboard or by using the mouse. The software package includes set-up, calibration, data acquisition and A-scan analysis features including a search unit data base.  All instrument settings, recorded A-scans, comments, etc. can be stored to the computer's hard disk.  Storage space is only limited by the size of the installed disk.  In addition, data compression routines allow for further compression (off-line) of saved data.  Login security features prevent unauthorized usage.  Saved data can be printed to the Windows© system printer using standard or user-defined report templates. 

The PCUSware32™ software was designed for manual ultrasonic inspection in the field or in laboratory environments. 



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