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EMAT-1, Single Channel EMAT System

Single-Channel EMAT System


System Features

This custom-designed Single-Channel EMAT system can be employed for PC-aided manual and/or automated ultrasonic testing using linear polarized shear waves.  In combination with suitable software running on DOS, Windows 3.1* Windows95/98/ME, or Windows NT platform, a complete digital EMAT testing system is available for a wide range of applications.  The system consists of the EMAT Front-End (type P3109), a Synthesizer/Burst-Generator (type SEB_SYN), a preamplifier, the PCUS 11 Pulser Receiver and A/D Converter board, and a suitable permanent-magnet EMAT search unit.


System Characteristics

  • Suitable for manual applications, automated, and/or semi-automated (hand scanner) scanning equipment

  • Pulse/Echo mode for straight-beam inspections at 1.3 MHz

  • Amplifier range from -30dB to 80dB in 0.1 dB increments

  • System control, parameter settings, data acquisition, and data analysis are performed using a variety of suitable software packages

  • On-line display of A-scan presentation during data acquisition

EMAT Search Unit
EMAT_SU.gif (448828 bytes)

This custom-designed EMAT transducer delivers 1.3 MHz linear polarized shear waves at normal (0) incidence. 

The size of the active sound field in the material is 20mm x 20mm. Air-cooling (forced air) permits continuous operation at temperatures not to exceed 500F (250C). 

The search unit was designed for the inspection of heavy-wall stainless steel components, such as forgings, piping, flanges, etc., at elevated temperatures.

System Configurations

A variety of system configurations for single-channel manual and/or automated inspections are available.  To meet your specific configuration requirements, several different PC enclosures are available, such as Laptop, Lunchbox, or Desktop designs as well as processor options ranging from a 486DX4-66 to a Pentium 166.   In addition, a multitude of display, hard drive and miscellaneous options (e.g., integrated CD-ROM, PCMCIA card reader, etc.) are available for complete customization of your system.

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